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A Seasonal Update on OVDF's Impact and Progress

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Sep 1, 2023

2 min read

Just like that! The summer and fall sneaked up on us and we are quickly heading toward winter! We have so much to celebrate with YOU as you walk along with us to make potential possible. The students we support with tuition - Opening Village Doors Foundation (OVDF) Scholars - continue to excel in school and life. Like seedlings, determined to reach the sunshine in a crowded forest… so are the young students we offer education scholarship support. Your support is the space in the canopy that lets the light reach the ground so the young seedlings can ground the roots to reach the nutrients in the ground to stand strong…Thank you!


This second quarter we saw academic performance improvement as students gained consistency of being in school and not being sent home from school for lack of tuition. The students who joined different schools have now settled into the routine have made friends and are challenging each other academically to excel, the future is bright!

A portion of the board was able to visit Kenya in July where we met with staff, students, and those that we support. For Richard, Susan Funnell, and Angela Nelson, it was the first time in Kenya and it couldn’t have come at a better time to see the OVDF mission in action firsthand!

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