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A Ray of Hope: Jaycee's Journey to a Bright Future

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Sep 1, 2023

2 min read

Meet Jaycee Olendo, a resilient young man with a vision for a brighter future. As the firstborn in a family of two, Jaycee faces the challenges of being raised by a single mother, who has shown immense strength in the face of adversity after his father's departure.

Currently in grade seven at Chrisco Educational Center, Jaycee is part of the pioneer group experiencing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). His educational journey took a positive turn when he became a member of the Opening Village Doors Foundation family.

Expressing gratitude, Jaycee highlighted the financial struggles his mother endured to provide him with an education. The support from the Opening Village Doors Foundation has been a beacon of hope, helping Jaycee and others like him achieve their dreams.

I am thankful for the helping hand that reached out to me. With this support, I am not only pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor, but I am also inspired to help others in the future.

With aspirations to become a doctor, Jaycee is determined to excel in school, not only for his future but with an intention of supporting others in need. His story embodies the transformative impact of community support and the unwavering commitment of Opening Village Doors Foundation to empower dreams.

As Jaycee continues his educational journey, he stands as a testament to the foundation's mission of creating opportunities and changing lives. Opening Village Doors Foundation remains dedicated to making a lasting impact, one individual at a time.

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