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Let There Be Light

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February 26, 2013

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Imagine walking into your house or office when it is dark, the first thing that you reach for is the switch on the wall to turn on the light. You can bet that the majority of the time the lights will turn on and you will go around your businesses. We replay this scenario day in and day out as kids come home to work on their homework, and parents prepare meals and all other chores around the house or office. In many villages and towns around Kenya that is not the case as many homes do not have electricity.

Many families then rely on Kerosene lamps for light and firewood/charcoal for cooking. The price of Kerose fluctuates as gasoline and other crude oil products do with many families not being able to afford the Kerose resort to cooking early and retiring to bed early. For school-age children, it becomes a special challenge to complete their homework, which in turn affects their academic performance.

The amount of money that families spend to buy kerosene can be used to buy food, plus the health benefits of using solar are great compared to kerosene. The smoke from kerosene lamps leads to breathing and eye problems hence using solar lamps provides a cleaner source of light.

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