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We make the
Potential Possible

We make the
Potential Possible


Empowering Villages for Prosperity and Well-being

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We dream of a future where the villages we help are doing well, people are healthy, and they can support themselves. We aim to ease hardship through community projects, training, education, and technical expertise.


Nurturing Tomorrow with our Scholarship Initiative

In the heartlands of rural Kenya, educational dreams often dim due to financial constraints. OVDF's Scholarship Program is a beacon of hope, breaking barriers and empowering children with the tools to overcome poverty. Government focus on urban schools leaves many in the rural areas without essential educational resources. OVDF steps in, sponsoring more than 45 children to date, and aims to extend support to 25 to 30 more kids in 2024. 

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Children have already been sponsored, and our goal is to increase this number to 75 in 2024, empowering them through education to combat poverty.



How we are making
a difference?

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I am thankful for the helping hand that reached out to me. With this support, I am not only pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor, but I am also inspired to help others in the future.

Embark on the profound exploration journeys of individuals whose lives have been transformed through our impactful initiatives.


Each story serves as a powerful testament to the collective strength of positive change, weaving a narrative of resilience, hope, and empowerment. These stories aren't just testimonials; they're windows into the profound impact that compassionate support and collaborative efforts can bring to communities.

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